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ADSORBIT’s products are completely green at every step of the way. We start with recycled materials, making all of our products from textiles that would’ve otherwise been discarded. Then we repurpose those textiles into award-winning products that remove up to twenty times their weight in oils. And finally, our products are totally reusable.

Best-in-Class Performance

Our products outperform the alternatives by a staggering margin, removing oil until its presence is nearly undetectable.

They Allow for the Free Flow of Water

Our products can be used without causing any significant disruption to the flow of natural waterways.

They’re Built for Complex Configurations

Our products are built to thrive in the most complex landscapes, offering unrivaled versatility.

They’re green

Our products are completely green, acting as a friend to the planet when it needs one the most.

They’re Reusable

Most products absorb the oil, which saturates the fabric and renders the product useless thereafter. But our products ad-sorb the oil, where it clings to the fiber surface, can be removed, and our product reused.


Item #AF1515-50


Item #EMS24-30

Boom Cover

Item #BC5-10, #BC5-10/B

ADSORBIT® Filtration Fabric

Item #AF11-5

Shore Guard “Dumbo Surfer”

Item #MSG5-10

Vault Maintenance System

Item #VMS467, #VMS467-2F, #VMS467-2/HWB5

Filter Socks, all sizes

Item #SFS8-10, #SFS8-5, #SFS5-57, #SFS3-30


Item #ETC10-5

Hula Bug

Item #EHB19-5

Filter Boom

Item #EFB21-10

Boom & Dock Curtain

Item #MBC15-10

Contour Ditch Boom

Item #EDB24-5


Item #SS4-801, #SS4-801F

Oil Sweep

Item #MOS12-30, #HOS-24, #HSH-60F

Haz-Waste Bucket

Item #HWB-5

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