Customers Using ADsorb-it®

US Navy

“…helping us to solve…vexing environmental problems…”

Ecology Letter


Oil Water Separator Filter Packs

Shoreline Protection

Port of Olympia

“highly effective products…never been any oil sheen…”

Ecology Letter


Stormwater Retention Pond

Retention Pond Overflow

Port of Moses Lake, WA

“I am glad there is a product like yours out there to buy.”

– Rich Mueller, Port of Moses Lake


  • Gulf Oil Spill Contractors
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Power Companies
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Facilities Management
  • Construction Companies
  • Airports
  • Marinas
  • Logging and Lumber
  • Manufacturing Companies


  • US Navy
  • US Air Force
  • US Army Corp of Engineers
  • US EPA
  • Department of Commerce/NOAA
  • Department of Ecology
  • Department of Transportation
  • Port Authorities
  • Public Utilities

We take pride in the quality of our ADsorb-it® Products.


We use only the finest materials in their construction. Our thread is a heavy duty polyester that is impervious to prolonged exposure to the elements and contaminants. Our designs are well thought-out, and based on over 30 years experience in the environmental industry. We will stand behind all of our products because our workmanship is top quality. We welcome input from our customers, and will work with you to create products for your specific needs.

Call us today to discuss the suitability of ADsorb-it® for your Oil Spill application.
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