Clean our environment with reusable oil-spill cleanup products made with recycled fiber


ADsorb-it® – Our Products are ECO-Friendly

Products for the Removal of Oil, Oil Sheen, Oil-Borne Contaminants and Suspended Solids…While Allowing the Virtually Unrestricted Flow of Water! Reusable and made from recycled materials.

Slide Item #SFS8-10, #SFS8-5, #SFS5-57, #SFS3-30 Filter Socks, all sizes A heavy duty double-layer sock from ADsorb-it® Filtration Fabric for filtering silt, oil and oil sheen, or contaminants when flushing pipes, draining excavations, or underground vaults. Four standard sizes in stock. They can be made in any size to fit your individual needs. MORE INFO Slide Item #BC5-10/B Boom
TheADsorb-it® Boom Cover, made with ADsorb-it® Filtration Fabric, is designed for use with flotation booms 5 inches in diameter and 10 feet long. Covers can be removed, washed, and re-used repeatedly.
Slide Item #ETC10-5 Centipede™
ADsorb-it® Filtration Fabric encloses a 3″ dia. by 5′ long flotation boom. There’s a double layer of tendrils extending out from each side, and a webbing loop at teach end for anchoring the Centipede in place. A stainless steel clip provided at one end allows you to hook multiple Centipedes together. The webbing extends the full length of the Centipede for added strength. MORE INFO


How It Works


ADsorb-it® Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Project

ADsorb-it® products were used throughout impacted and threatened areas of the Gulf where our oil “ADsorbing” fences provided critical shoreline protection.


What People are saying

The Adsorb-it fabric works amazingly well removing oil sheen on water, which is always a big problem to deal with. The fabric pulls the sheen right off the water without any difficulty. There is no comparison against the polypropylene pads that we used to use.

Stacy Fox

Aviation Environmental Programs, Port of Seattle Aviation Environmental Programs

Thank you for providing your highly effective products that not only provide protection for our environment but further eliminate the man-hours associated with individual catch basin maintenance. I feel comfortable in recommending your products without reservation.

Bruce Marshal

Harbor Director, The Port of Olympia

I am glad there is a product like yours out there to buy.

Rich Mueller

Airport Director, Port of Moses Lake

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