ADsorb-it® Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Project

ADsorb-it® products were used throughout impacted and threatened areas of the Gulf where our oil “ADsorbing” fences provided critical shoreline protection.

“Lost in the many depressing stories about the devastation of the Gulf of Mexico is one bright highlight: the use of a unique fabric product that had singular success in mopping up slicks before they could foul shorelines and wetlands.”

— Chris Leyerle, Perspectives in CleanTech

We take pride in the quality of our ADsorb-it® Products.


We use only the finest materials in their construction. Our thread is a heavy duty polyester that is impervious to prolonged exposure to the elements and contaminants. Our designs are well thought-out, and based on over 30 years experience in the environmental industry. We will stand behind all of our products because our workmanship is top quality. We welcome input from our customers, and will work with you to create products for your specific needs.

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