ADSORBIT® Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Project

You’re probably wondering what ADSORBIT looks like in a real-world scenario. Well, look no further than The BP Oil Spill of 2010. Simply put, the oil spill was bad — historically bad — sending 200 million gallons of oil into The Gulf of Mexico. So, with the fate of The Gulf hanging in the balance, BP brought in product after product after product desperately trying to remove the oil and save our vital ecosystem but each of those products came up short. So, with the world watching, they turned to ADSORBIT. And we’re excited to share that our products delivered on a global stage. ADSORBIT helped remove the oil, protecting the coastline, wetlands, wildlife and planet.

“Lost in the many depressing stories about the devastation of the Gulf of Mexico is one bright highlight: the use of a unique fabric product that had singular success in mopping up slicks before they could foul shorelines and wetlands.”

— Chris Leyerle, Perspectives in CleanTech

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Put Oil in its Place