A close distributorship becomes an integrated company.

Seattle, Washington, USA, September 29, 2023 -Eco-Tec, Inc. dba ADSORBIT today acquired The XTEX Corporation, the patent holder and creator of X-Tex B12. “X-Tex has long been the exclusive manufacturer of X-Tex B12, sold under our brand name ADSORBIT,” stated Cecilli Pearse, President of Eco-Tec, Inc. “The ability to go from being their main distributor to controlling manufacturing will significantly enhance our opportunities to serve our customers and remain competitive in the environmental marketplace.” The two companies have shared a close relationship for many years.  

About Eco-Tec, Inc. – Eco-Tec, Inc. is the manufacturer of the ADSORBIT line of products for removing hydrocarbons, sediment, and TSS from water. The products are equally effective on dry land applications. Their innovative designs and technologies are used in critical scenarios and other specialized applications where the demand for easy-to-use, effective oil spill cleanup products is crucial.


Cecilli Pearse



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