Filter Socks, all sizes

Filter oil, oil sheen and suspended solids from water!
Item Number: SFS3-30, SFS5-57, SFS8-5, SFS8-5SL, SFS8-10
Our heavy-duty double-layered socks made from ADSORBIT filtration fabric will filter silt, oil, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants from water discharges.
  1. Approximate 100 micron filtration. Reduces silt levels in discharge waters as well as filtering out oil, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants..
  2. Reusable. You can then press, wring, or centrifuge to remove and recover the retained oils for recycling or disposal. Filter socks can also be sent to a commercial laundry to be returned to a like-new condition.
  3. Standard socks are made from a double layer of ADSORBIT filtration fabric; the SFS8-5SL is a single layer version of our regular SFS8-5 Filter Sock.
  4. Can be made in any size for your individual needs. We can design and manufacture specialty filter socks for your specific application.

Need a filter sock with a smaller micron rating? The Vault Maintenance System (VMS) sock is your answer!

Vault Maintenance System Filter Socks: “The Future of Vault Dewatering”

VMS Filter Socks filter out oil, oil sheen, oil-borne contaminants, and suspended solids as fine as rust! Configured as a portable, easy-to-use multi-layered filter sock. Filters below regulatory guidelines for TSS and oil & grease.

TSS Removal 99.4%, oil & grease non-detect. Click here for more information about our VMS Filter Socks.

Diameter Length Case Pack Item Number
3″ 30″ 10 SFS3-30
5″ 57″ 10 SFS5-57
8″ 10′ 5 SFS8-10
8″ 5′ 10 SFS8-5, SFS8-5SL (Single Layer Fabric)

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