Vault Maintenance System

The Future of Vault Dewatering: Remove oil and sediment from underground utility vault waters.

VMS Filter Sock #VMS467
VMS Filter Sock 4” x 67” w/ 2” fitting #VMS467-2F
VMS Filter Sock w 2” fitting in 5gal Haz-Waste Bucket #VMS467-2/HWB5

The Vault Maintenance System (VMS) is a staged filtration system in the form of an easy-to-use filter sock that will allow you to evacuate underground utility vaults directly into the environment. Also very effective when draining sprinkler systems. Filters out rust color from water so the water will not stain a driveway or sidewalk.

The standard operating procedure for the removal of water from vaults has been to either:

  1.  Evacuate the contaminated water by pumping it into the environment, risking: regulatory penalties, hefty fines, possible hazmat response, a negative public perception; or
  2. Use a vacuum truck for off-site processing which involves: truck expense (if a truck is available), wasted man hours, expensive water disposal costs, and off-site liability at treatment storage and disposal facilities.

You can eliminate the costs associated with vacuum trucks and water processing, you can be within regulatory compliance and you can help the environment. That not only makes good sense for your company, it helps the bottom line.

  • Filters down to one micron
  • Allows direct discharge of water to the environment while complying with current regulatory guidelines for TSS and Oil & Grease.
  • Removes visible oils and oil-borne contaminants such as PCBs.
  • Filters out suspended solids to below compliance levels for NPDES II regulations.
  • Filters out oil, oil sheen, oil-borne contaminants, and suspended solids – as fine as rust!
  • Configured as a portable, easy-to-use, multi-staged filter sock.
  • Available with or without a 2″ quick-connecting fitting.
  • Available in a 5 gallon liquid-tight Haz-Waste container to protect the sock prior to use and to contain any contaminated water after use/prior to disposal.
  • Great flow rate – 385 gpm at 20 psi.
  • Patented & Patent Pending.

See test data.

Diameter Length Case Pack Item Number
4″ 67″ 1 #VMS467, #VMS467-2F, #VMS467-2/HWB5

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