Filter Boom

The most versatile tool you can have for oil and silt removal. Recovers oil from the surface and subsurface. 

Item Number: EFB21-10

The ADSORBIT Filter Boom will remove petroleum hydrocarbon sheen from stormwater to meet the performance goal of no visible sheen.

Turbulence in water sometimes causes oils to be forced below the water surface. The ADSORBIT Filter Boom is designed to remove these submerged oils and oil-borne contaminants from the water.

For oil releases in streams, rivers, or other flowing waters, interconnected sections of the Filter Boom can be deployed across the flowing water.

  • Use in retention ponds to continuously wick oil, filter sediments and reduce turbidity.
  • Double-layer fabric curtain 10 feet long and has a boom gallery across the top portion of the curtain with Velcro closures on each end of the gallery to facilitate installation and removal of the 5 inch diameter polypropylene boom used for flotation.
  • 21″ deep double-layer curtain below the boom gallery has a lightweight ballast chain installed at the bottom.
  • Grommets and webbing loops with snap hooks are placed on the ends of the Filter Boom to allow interconnection of multiple units with a 10 inch overlap.
  • To reuse, simply remove the flotation, ballast chain, and snap hooks. You can then press, wring, or centrifuge to remove and recover the retained oils for recycling or disposal. Replace the flotation and ballast chain and the Filter Boom is ready to reuse!
Length Curtain Diameter Boom Case Pack Item Number
10′ 21″ 5″ 4 EFB21-10


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