Reusable wipes for removing oil, oil sheen and oil-borne contaminants.

Item Number: AF1515-50

The ADSORBIT Wipe is a reusable 15″x15″ square for removing oil and oil sheen, wet or dry. ADSORBIT Wipes have shown to be a significant money-saver compared to the disposable wipes that you use once and throw away.

Adsorbs between 15 – 20 times its weight in oil.

Reusable. You can then press, wring, or centrifuge to remove and recover the retained oils for recycling or disposal. ADSORBIT Wipes can also be sent to a commercial laundry to be returned to a like-new condition.

Width Length Case Pack Item Number
15″ 15″ 50 AF1515-50

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Put Oil in its Place