Not everything can or should go down a drain. It doesn’t matter if it can fit past the sewer grate or is a bunch of particles in the water; just because it can doesn’t mean it should. Runoff is a big problem in cities and even in rural areas it can wreak havoc on people’s property, the roads and be costly if someone is caught letting a mess flow freely towards the sewer.

Dewatering socks are one of the tools that can help prevent the oil-borne contaminants in water from reaching the sewer. It’s an essential accessory whenever oily water is an issue. So, what is a dewatering sock? What does it do and how do dewatering bags benefit you beyond helping with runoff? And how are ADsorb-it filter socks better than the competition?

Let’s filter out the noise (pun intended) and tell you exactly why a dewatering sock is a must-have.

What Do Dewatering Filter Socks Do?

Dewatering sock filters out debris, oils and other hydrocarbons that would otherwise contaminate groundwater through runoff. The contaminants, grime, hazardous particles, and sediment that would flow with water into the sewer are filtered out. In short, secure the open end of a filter sock to a runoff pipe and only clean water is released as it is filtered through the sock, easily meeting environmental regulation compliance.

ADsorb-it dewatering filter socks are made with a geotextile fabric that allows only clean water to pass through. The patented material catches the contaminants and oils etc. and soaks up what isn’t desirable -or legal- to discharge into the environment. It’s an important tool to use that keeps the work site safer and keeps it in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Keep in mind our products perform markedly better than any other products on the market. They are made with a proprietary and patented fabric and are manufactured to be extremely durable and sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of high-pressure discharge. They are designed to be laundered and reused which is obviously more cost effective than disposable products. Not only that but the reusability factor makes them a much better choice for our environment. Say NO to clogging up our landfills!

Where to use a Dewatering Bag System

ADsorb-it dewatering socks can be used at construction sites, even if you have woven fences. If there is runoff flowing down a pipe, secure a dewatering filter bag to the end of it and worry no more about releasing contaminants into the environment. Don’t think they’re only for construction companies either. Dewatering socks are a must-have for home projects as well. If there is any risk of contaminants, grime, particles, or oil running into the sewer or property, then you’re on the line for a steep fine without dewatering bags.

ADsorb-it dewatering socks come in various sizes and it’s important to know what size you need for the job. You’ll want to know the diameter of the discharge hose or pipe as well as the psi of the water that will be flowing through. If you choose a sock that is too “small”, you run the risk of blowing your filter sock off the end of your discharge hose or pipe and that’s no fun.

Benefits of using a Dewatering Sock

There are a few other options for keeping your site in compliance with runoff, but an ADsorb-it dewatering sock is a much more economical solution. Our dewatering socks are also much easier to install than some other runoff protection options. They’re easy to store and care for and can fit a variety of hoses. ADsorb-it dewatering socks save you money all the way around…not just from a potential fine.

Sort Out the Mess

You can see how our ADsorb-it dewatering socks are a great way to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations without breaking the bank. They’re easy to ship, easy to store, customizable, and do an incredible job at filtering out the oily mess you don’t want in the water. Because they connect directly to your runoff hose or pipe, things like oil don’t even have the chance to hit the ground or spread. We manufacture a variety of sizes to work with any potential application and we can work with our clients to design custom sizes if necessary.

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