There are LOTS of products out there to help clean up oil spills. ADsorb-it is a different kind of clean-up product and stands on its own when compared to the other products on the market. In this post, we’ll cover what ADsorb-it is made of, how it works, and the environmental impact it has.

What’s it Made From?

We’re trying to clean up oil contamination and the environment, right? YES. That’s why we make sure our products don’t add to the problem. ADsorb-it is a green product made from waste, specifically remnants (off cuts) from the textile manufacturing industry. 

How Does it Work?

ADsorb-it “adsorbs” oil (holds oil to the surface matrix of the fabric) so you can recover retained oils to be properly disposed of or recycled! The fabric can then be laundered and reused…INDEFINTELY! Try that with the white polypropylene products used by so many other companies! Oh wait…on second thought, DON’T. It just won’t work.  

How to Dispose of It?

Let’s say you no longer need to reuse your ADsorb-it and want to dispose of it. Throw it away? Nah. That’s just contributing to clogging up our landfills. NO GOOD. We’re in the environmental industry, remember? 

Our suggestion? Recover the oils, launder the fabric and save it for later use. Want it to disappear? Then you can incinerate it! ADsorb-it has a higher BTU value per pound than coal and can be incinerated to less than 1% ash. It’s a green product from start to finish.

Why ADsorb-it?

What is the main reason ADsorb-it should become the new standard in oil spill clean-up? Simple: it works and works well! Polypropylene products have been widely available for the past forty years but haven’t changed much, if at all. Technology has advanced in many areas of environmental clean-up, the exception being polypropylene. The truth is, it’s susceptible to UV degradation (guess what? ADsorb-it is NOT), it’s not very effective at removing oils and it cannot be reused. That said, the better choice is obvious. ADsorb-it for the win!

The next question on everyone’s mind is, “How much is it?”. Short answer: ADsorb-it costs a bit more upfront than polypropylene. However, because of the reusability factor, it is an incredible value and generates phenomenal ROI. 

Ask Away!

We hope this has answered at least some of your questions. If you have additional questions about ADsorb-it, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here for you and can be reached via email at or phone (253) 884-6804.