Vault Maintenance System

Filter Sock Vault Maintenance System

VMS Filter Sock  #VMS467
VMS Filter Sock 4” x 67” w/ 2” fitting  #VMS467-2F
VMS Filter Sock w 2” fitting in 5gal Haz-Waste Bucket  #VMS467-2/HWB5

State of the Art Filtration Technology to Remove Oil and Sediments from Water

Testing results have shown 99.4% TSS removal and removal of oil and grease to non-detect

“The Future of Vault Dewatering”

  • See test data.
  • Patented & Patent Pending.
  • Remove visible oils and oil-borne contaminants such as PCBs.
  • Filter sock filters out suspended solids to below compliance levels for the new NPDES II regulations.
  • Filters out oil, oil sheen, oil-borne contaminants, and suspended solids – as fine as rust!
  • Configured as a portable, easy-to-use multi-staged filter sock.
  • Available with or without a quick-connecting fitting.
  • Available with a plastic cover to direct water flow.
  • Available in a Haz-Waste liquid-tight container to protect the sock prior to use and to contain any contaminated water after use and prior to disposal.
  • Great Flow Rate – 385 gpm at 20 psi.

The standard operating procedure for the removal of water from vaults has been to either:

1) Evacuate the contaminated water by pumping it into the environment, risking: regulatory penalties, hefty fines, possible hazmat response, a negative public perception; or

2) Use a vacuum truck for off-site processing which involves: truck expense (if a truck is available), wasted man hours, expensive water disposal costs, and off-site liability at Treatment Storage and Disposal facilities.

You can eliminate the costs associated with vacuum trucks and water processing; you can be within regulatory compliance; and you can help the environment — which not only makes good sense for your company, it helps the bottom line.

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