Use ADsorb-it® Filtration Fabric

 Spill Response

Use Boom Covers and ShoreGuard/ DumboSurfers for oil and oil sheen recovery on open waters.

ADsorb-it’s® wicking action allows the oils, oil sheen and oil-borne contaminants to be contained in the entire fabric as opposed to only the point of contact. Oil and oil sheen adhere to the ADsorb-it® fibers and are not displaced by water.

 Shoreline Protection

Conforms easily to uneven surfaces such as shorelines, streambeds and rock formations; or may be configured into a barrier fence as used by BP for the Gulf Oil Spill.

ADsorb-it® inhibits oils and oil-borne contaminants in water from impacting the land, and contaminants on land from impacting the water. Equally effective wet or dry; in salt or fresh water. The oil displaces the water in the fabric.

 Oil Recovery

Allows the recovery of adsorbed oils and oil-borne contaminants.

Oil may be recovered from the filtration fabric by physical means (wringing, pressing, centrifuge, etc.) after which you may reuse it with little reduction in its efficacy.

 Ditch or Pond Liners

Excellent liner for drainage ditches or retention ponds where oil pollution is a problem.

Oils are held in the filter fabric matrix and allowed to degrade naturally. ADsorb-it® inhibits oil and oil-borne contaminant pollution on water from spreading to the surrounding soil or perking from the soil to the water.

 Pump Underground Vaults

Our brand new Vault Maintenance System allows you to pump water from underground vaults directly into the environment.

A staged filtration system in an easy-to-use sock configuration that filters TSS and Oil & Grease to below regulatory guidlines. See the test data that shows TSS Removal at 99.4% and Oil & Grease Removal at Non-Detect.

Stormwater Filtration

Filter oil and oil-borne contaminants, control bacterial proliferation in: ditches and piping, retention ponds, sumps, and catch basins.

ADsorb-it® products are available for use in catchbasins, approved by the Dept of Ecology, and much easier to install than other available catch basin inserts. We have Antimicrobial products available to control bacteria in stagnant or low-flow conditions.

 Oil Water Separators

Use as a filter media before the final discharge to eliminate oil sheen.

See a simple Polishing Filter Pack Unit design with screen plates covered with ADsorb-it®, and a drop-in Oil Water Separator Filter Curtain design. The US Navy uses ADsorb-it® on the shoreline beneath their oil/water separator outfall to prevent any oil or oil sheen from impacting the water.

 Wastewater Filtration – FOG

Use in interceptors and grease traps or use to filter industrial mop water.

Highly effective in the removal of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) when used for filtration — virtually eliminating system blockages due to grease buildup. Excellent for the removal of oil and oil-borne contaminants from any wastewater stream.

 a Sorbent

ADsorbs” up to twenty times its weight in oils.

Outperforms typical polypropylene products (the industry standard) and allows the free flow of water while retaining the oils and oil-borne contaminants in the fabric matrix.

 a Fuel Source

As opposed to land fill disposal, ADsorb-it® can be incinerated for its fuel value.

ADsorb-it® has a higher BTU/lb rating than coal and is incinerable to less than 1% residual ash.