The AirRepair™ Mask:

  • is made from Polypyrrole Antimicrobial Textile (PPy)
  • has a positive charge (you can test it with a multimeter!), which creates an unfavorable environment for living microorganisms, i.e.,”germs”
  • has been test washed with standard laundry detergent over 100 times at 165°F with no deterioration in the protective barrier
  • is designed to protect you from airborne particle matter and to keep your hands away from your nose and mouth
  • is designed for long life
  • is designed for all personal safety mask requirements
  • is sourced and made in the USA
  • is patent pending

The AirRepair™ Mask is a protective barrier mask with PPy properties inherent in the fabric. This is not a treatment to the material but a conversion of the fabric (cotton twill) into a Polypyrrole Antimicrobial Textile. Once the fabric has been converted to Polypyrrole (a conjugated polymer), it exerts a biocidal action due to positive charges on its backbone chain which efficiently eradicates pathogens.