An environmentally sound way to remove oil

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle has taken a whole new meaning with ADsorb-it Wipes (oil spill pads). They’re an environmentally sound way to remove oil sheen, oil and oil-borne contaminants. Let’s go over what ADsorb-it does, why it’s a game-changer among oil spill pads and why our products are the best option to effectively separate oils from water, removing everything from gasoline to kitchen grease to motor oil.

Why Oil Spill Pads?

Oil is always a bad idea to leave laying around. It’s not only toxic and can be a slippage hazard, but can also wreak havoc on your property and the environment. ADsorb-it oil spill pads are much more effective than trying to use a towel or paper towel which wouldn’t get the job done at all. The unique properties of the fabric we use to manufacture our products allow it to soak up oils instead of water, even when completely submerged! Oil spill pads can be used to collect grease or an oil leak until it can be fixed, creating a safer environment in your home, business or on your property. And it’s important to know that oil spill pads aren’t just for oil spill disasters. They’re a good product to have around no matter what.

What is ADsorb-it?

Our oil sheen removal wipes are a 15-inch square made for soaking up oil, oil sheen, and grease. Each pack comes with 50 wipes, and they’re all reusable. Many oil spill pads are used once and thrown out but the ADsorb-it Wipes can be laundered and reused indefinitely. If you do want to dispose of them, you can literally make them disappear by incinerating them down to less than 1% ash!

ADsorb-it oil spill pads are made from waste fibers, making them an environmentally compatible product that further reduces harm to our planet. After all, if you’re going to put in the effort to clean up oil spills and work to remove oil-borne contaminants then it doesn’t make much sense to hurt the environment you’re trying to clean.

What Are the Perks?


Using disposable oil spill pads is a waste of money and continues to damage the environment. Getting a pack of ADsorb-it Wipes means having 50 completely reusable oil spill pads to use whenever needed. The adsorbed oils can be recovered and disposed of or recycled and the oil spill pads themselves can be laundered. Many commercial laundry facilities will launder the pads for you. Pro tip: It’s probably best to launder them before you go through the stack since you never know when grease or oil will strike!

Water FOG

The ADsorb-it oil spill pads remove any type of fat, oil and grease…even from water! You may be thinking the fabric will soak up the water along with the oils but that’s not entirely accurate. In fact, the way our fabric works is it allows water to pass through freely with all oils and other hydrocarbons being trapped within the fabric matrix. Water in and water out, this time with no grease or oil!


Why make something new when there are tons of recyclable materials we can use to make oil spill pads out of? We don’t want to clean up a mess by making another mess! To that end, ADsorb-it Wipes are manufactured from waste fibers discarded from the textile manufacturing industry. Go green!

Where to Get ADsorb-it

You may not be able to run down to the store and pick up a pack of ADsorb-it oil spill pads, but you can contact us toll-free to get them. We have distributors in Canada, France, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Russia, Estonia, and many other countries so don’t worry too much about where you are when the grease spills.

Just email us at or give us a call at (888) 668-8982 and we’ll be happy to send you some ADsorb-it Wipes of your very own!