Mask Frequently Asked Questions

This looks like every other mask out there! What makes the AirRepair™ Mask so darn special?

That’s true. Our mask does look like every other mask out there but it’s very different. Here’s why:

  • The Polypyrrole (PPy) fabric used to make our AirRepair™ Mask exerts a biocidal action that eradicates pathogens. That means that microorganisms, i.e. “germs”, cannot survive on the fabric. No other mask on the market does that. Please click here to be redirected to the AirRepair™ Mask page for more info and links to the science behind it.
  • The AirRepair™ Mask is washable well over 100 times without losing effectiveness. That means it’s truly reusable, over and over. In that regard, it’s a much better choice than the disposable masks that don’t really offer much protection and are already piling up in our landfills and negatively impacting our aquatic environment. We have to protect the earth! If we don’t, who will?
  • The AirRepair™ Mask is conductive! The conductive polymers are what enable the mask to eradicate pathogens. You can check the ohms (unit of electrical resistance) with a multimeter if you’re so inclined. Here’s a fun little experiment: get your hands on a multimeter set to “ohms”, place the probes to the AirRepair™ Mask fabric and you will get a reading of about 1000 ohms! Any other fabric mask will have a reading of 1 which tells you there is no conductivity and therefore, no germ killing power. Science!

A note about price: The conversion of cotton twill to Polypyrrole (PPy) is a time consuming and expensive process. That being said, the majority of the cost of the mask is the cost of the PPy fabric itself. When you compare the AirRepair™ Mask to the cheap, disposable masks out there that are meant to be worn for a very limited time before disposal, you can see how investing in the AirRepair™ Mask makes more financial sense in the long run. It makes more environmental sense for our planet, too!

How is Polypyrrole (PPy) different (better?) than the “antimicrobial” silver and copper threads that have been woven into fabrics for decades?

Great question! Here’s the answer:

Silver or copper woven into a fabric means that micro-sized strands of the elements are interwoven in the cotton fibers which creates a “metal element” fabric. Polypyrrole is an element like silver and copper but Polypyrrole actually converts (transforms, changes, etc.) the cotton into an antimicrobial textile. The blending of stands of copper and/or silver is not a complete conversion as the entirety of the fabric has not been converted.

What are my shipping options?

USPS First Class® (1-3 days) $5.95
USPS Priority Mail® (1-3 days) $10.95 (tracking included)
USPS Priority Express® (1-2 days) Please contact us directly for real time Priority Express® shipping rates

How do I care for my AirRepair™ Mask?

You can wash your mask in the washing machine or by hand. If you choose to machine wash, we recommend using the delicates cycle and placing the mask in a lingerie or “delicates” bag to keep it protected. You can use any commercial laundry detergent (Woolite, Tide, Gain, etc.). If you choose to hand wash, you can use commercial laundry detergent or even hand soap like Dove or Dial. Line dry.

Even though the PPy fabric is very special, it’s still a fabric and will show standard signs of wear and tear after many washings and wearings. The more gentle you are with your mask, the longer it will last for you.

What is your return/refund policy?

Due to the medical and personal nature of the AirRepair™ Mask, we will not accept returns or issue refunds or exchanges for any reason. That means you can rest assured that the mask you purchase has never been worn by anyone else.

The AirRepair™ Mask is a protective barrier mask with PPy properties inherent in the fabric. This is not a treatment to the material but a conversion of the fabric (cotton twill) into a Polypyrrole Antimicrobial Textile. Once the fabric has been converted to Polypyrrole (a conjugated polymer), it exerts a biocidal action due to positive charges on its backbone chain which efficiently eradicates pathogens.